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Voting & Elections 08.10.2018

Why Massachusetts Has “One of the Strongest Automatic Voter Registration Bills in the Country”

With Automatic Voter Registration, states’ elections are becoming more accessible, inclusive, and secure. However, there are some differences between the specific registration procedures and policies of each state with AVR.

Voting & Elections 07.20.2018

Voting is a Right, not a Privilege: What The Lowell Sun’s Editorial Gets Wrong

It’s no secret that our democracy works best when everybody has a voice, and AVR is a key tool for encouraging participation in the electoral process, as well as a way to safeguard our elections.

Voting & Elections 06.20.2018

The Latest Updates on Automatic Voter Registration

Automatic Voter Registration (AVR) is gaining serious ground in Massachusetts.

Voting & Elections 05.31.2016

Secretary Galvin Must Release His Early Voting Regulations Right Away

Secretary of State William Galvin's office has now promised the release of his guidelines on early voting, and failed to deliver them on time, for far too long. Here's a look back at where we're at and what this means for the first year of early voting in Massachusetts.

Voting & Elections 01.8.2016

Election Modernization Coalition Launches Early Voting Training Program

Press Release from the Massachusetts Election Modernization Coalition on the Launch of their Early Voting Challenge Training Program

Voting & Elections 06.16.2015

Voting Rights in 2016

Blog post by CCMA summer intern Maria Hardiman on the issue of voting rights in 2016.

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