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Voting & Elections 03.22.2018

Secretary of State William Galvin Joins Statewide Groups in Calling for Automatic Voter Registration in Massachusetts

Momentum Builds for Passage as 2018 Elections Approach

Voting & Elections 02.12.2018

Momentum Builds for Automatic Voter Registration as Bills Pass Out of Committee

With Automatic Voter Registration receiving a favorable vote from the Joint Committee on Election laws, this key reform will continue its journey through the State House.

Voting & Elections 11.14.2017

After Low-Turnout Election, Coalition Calls for Automatic Voter Registration in Massachusetts

The Election Modernization Coalition cites low turnout in Massachusetts' 2017 city and elections as yet another reason to pass Automatic Voter Registration.

Voting & Elections 07.25.2017

Statement from the Election Modernization Coalition re: Chelsea Collaborative v. Galvin

The Election Modernization Coalition's official statement regarding the Superior Court decision that ruled the 20-day registration period unconstitutional.

Voting & Elections 06.29.2017

One Hundred Citizens Attend Automatic Voter Registration Lobby Day

Advocates voice support for modernizing elections in Massachusetts through adopting Automatic Voter Registration

Voting & Elections 06.13.2017

Dozens of Organizations Testify in Support of Automatic Voter Registration

Dozens of Organizations Testify in Support of Automatic Voter Registration

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