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Media & Democracy 11.17.2023

Statement on No Cost Calls Victory

"Ensuring free phone calls in jails and prisons guarantees better access for people who wish to engage in their government, stay connected to their community, and become informed voters."


Data Suggests Same-Day Voter Registration Could Eliminate Need for 99% of 2022 Provisional Ballots

Why Massachusetts needs same-day voter registration

50 State Report: Massachusetts Earns Top Grade for Redistricting from Common Cause

“We’re proud to have taken part in a redistricting process that was inclusive and cooperative. But our work doesn’t end here."

Voting & Elections 09.13.2023

Voting Rights Groups, Residents Overwhelmingly Support Voting ACCESS Act

Democracy, disability, religious, and homelessness advocates support comprehensive election administration bill


Public Access Advocates Testify in Support of Guaranteed Hybrid Open Meetings

“Hybrid access has become an essential part of public life."

Voting & Elections 06.28.2023

Election Modernization Coalition Celebrates One Year of the VOTES Act

"We’re grateful that a year ago, our leaders took crucial steps toward a more accessible and equitable democracy."

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