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Voting & Elections 05.23.2024

Senate Passes Voting Access Amendment

VICTORY: the Senate passed an amendment that will end the voting penalty for voters who don’t return the municipal census.


Statement from Election Modernization Coalition on Presidential Primary voter turnout, March 2024

“We are truly gratified to see such wildly successful results of a vote-by-mail program in the Commonwealth."


Boston City Council President Ruthzee Louijeune is 2024 People’s Champion of Democracy

City Council President Ruthzee Louijeune will be awarded the People's Champion of Democracy Award on Monday March 18th @ 6pm at Common Cause Massachusetts' fundraiser.

Voting & Elections 02.27.2024

Advocates criticize Municipal Empowerment Act’s approach to public meeting reforms

"The Municipal Empowerment Act falls short on ensuring access to public meetings."

Voting & Elections 01.19.2024

Gateway City Voters Overwhelming Support Voting ACCESS Act

Voters discuss new election laws, accessibility at town halls

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