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Join the thousands across the country who instantly rally when there is a threat to our democracy.


Join the thousands across the country who instantly rally when there is a threat to our democracy.


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Common Cause placed 19 paid interns in our state and national offices this summer. These interns accomplished incredible work, learned important skills, gained a strong understanding of the democracy landscape, and brought their own experiences and perspective to Common Cause.

Here are a few of our interns check out what they accomplished this summer:  

Danielle Wooten
Common Cause North Carolina Intern | 2019

Danielle created online content about gerrymandering, voter ID law, and the 2020 Census. She also spoke in front of our state legislative building before the case Common Cause v. Lewis.

Isabel Giovannetti
National Communications Intern | 2019

Isabel helped create videos, blog posts, and social content. She helped with launching our Instagram account, research for the ALEC in Texas report, and explainers on census and ranked-choice voting.

Kayinsola Oye
Common Cause Ohio Intern | 2019

Kayinsola created a toolkit to engage and educate Ohioans about the impact of gerrymandering and the End Gerrymandering Pledge.

Lyric Brown
National Development Intern | 2019

Lyric completed a research project on best practices for sustaining donor program websites and researched donors and foundations for fundraising opportunities.

Stephanie Zuniga
Common Cause Texas Intern | 2019

Stephanie developed and implemented a campaign for Voter Registration for College Orientations around the state.

Jon Corn
National Digital Intern | 2019

Jon coordinated action alerts for our states, researched for digital products on our call for the impeachment inquiry, and analyzed Facebook content, for opportunities to improve posts performance.

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