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Overturn Citizens United

The court has allowed major corporations and other special interests to pour hundreds of millions of dollars into our elections, effectively buying up chunks of our federal, state and local governments. It’s time to choke off this corrupting flow of money. To do that, we need a constitutional amendment to reverse Citizens United and declare that only people are people.

From the States

Pass SuperPAC Disclosure in Massachusetts!

Help shine a light on this "dark" money. Email your legislator in support of MA Disclose H. 4226 to require real-time disclosure of SuperPAC donors, top donors listed on ads, and teeth to enforce the law.

Tell the Senate: independent redistricting commission now!

Thanks the hard work of activists like you, a bill to establish an independent redistricting commission has passed the lower chamber of our state house. One problem: legislative leadership still gets to appoint the commission, which leaves the door open to the same old cronyism, corruption, and gerrymandering. That makes our challenge two-fold. First, we need to ask Sen. Joe Zakas, who chairs the Senate Elections Committee, to give HB1032 a fair hearing. Then, reach out to your own representative, and ask them to demand a redistricting process that puts citizens first.

Amend U.S.

Because only people are people!

Watch a video of Common Cause National Governing Board Chair Richard Reich discussing the state of our democracy.

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When the little guy
wins, it’s likely that
Common Cause
had something
to do with
the victory.

- St. Petersburg Times

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