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Overturn Citizens United!

It's time to choke off this corrupting flow of money. To do that, we need a constitutional amendment to reverse Citizens United and put democracy back in OUR hands.

Tell Pfizer: Just say NO to ALEC!

Pharmaceutical giant Pfizer advocates for climate action and public health policies. So why is it funding ALEC, which vigorously lobbies against both of these things?

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Save the OCC

This is about the potential loss of a consumer advocate that has saved us consumers $1.7 billion over the last 30 years on our utility bills. Yes, we are saying that a small office that saves us millions every year is actually on the chopping block. Please call your state senator and ask them where the Office of Consumer Counsel reauthorization bill is.

New York: Close the LLC Loophole!

This week, the Brennan Center sent a legal demand to the New York State Board of Elections to finally close the LLC loophole. This loophole contributes directly to the ongoing culture of corruption and scandal in Albany by allowing big donors and special interests to circumvent the state’s campaign finance limits and funnel millions of dollars to the candidates of their choice.

Amend U.S.

Because only people are people!

Watch a video of Common Cause National Governing Board Chair Richard Reich discussing the state of our democracy.

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