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Join the thousands across the country who instantly rally when there is a threat to our democracy.


Join the thousands across the country who instantly rally when there is a threat to our democracy.


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Tell YouTube: Stop election denialism

Social media platforms have an obligation to their users to moderate the content on their sites and prevent election misinformation.

YouTube must strengthen its policies against election lies – not roll them back.

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Donald Trump is not above the law

Being a former president does not grant Donald Trump special treatment in our legal system. He should be bound to the same laws as everyone else — and if found guilty, he must be accountable for his crimes against this country​.

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George Santos must resign

We deserve elected officials who we can trust. George Santos misled and lied to hundreds of thousands of voters.

If we can’t trust him to be honest about who he is, we can’t trust him to serve in Congress and represent our country.

Serial liar George Santos has been indicted and remains under local, state, and federal investigations. He must resign, and if the House Ethics Committee doesn’t soon act, the full House must act. Justice delayed is justice denied.

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Tell state legislators: Protect our elections from wealthy special interests

Our democracy depends on the principle of one person, one vote – and corporations shouldn’t get their own outsized voice in the local policies that govern our lives.

Our state legislators must vote no on any anti-democracy legislation – and protect our elections from wealthy special interests.

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Tell Congress: Pass a Supreme Court Code of Conduct

We need a binding, comprehensive code of conduct to prevent even the appearance of inappropriate influence on the court. Without it, our highest court will continue to suffer a crisis of confidence – even as these nine justices make decisions that affect every one of us every day.

Congress must pass a binding code of conduct for the Supreme Court – and ensure that our highest court is held to the highest ethical standards.

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