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Ending Gerrymandering in Georgia

Congressional, state and local districts must be re-drawn every 10 years to reflect population changes – and how those district maps are drawn determines who has political power for the next decade. Gerrymandering undermines the right of Georgia voters to choose their representatives, which is why Common Cause Georgia is committed to pursuing redistricting reform and fighting for fair districts.

During this last redistricting cycle, Black voters in Georgia saw their voting power diminished. In response, Common Cause, the League of Women Voters of Georgia, and a group of Georgia voters filed a federal lawsuit (Common Cause v. Raffensperger) challenging Georgia’s congressional map. Stay updated on our fight here.

See how Georgia was graded this past redistricting cycle in a new report by Common Cause and coalition partners.

Gerrymandering & Representation Campaigns...

The 2019 Democracy Act

In 2018, Georgians urged the legislator through pledges to put democracy back in the hands of voters. This opportunity created the groundswell to mobilize masses for fairness in redistricting across our state.

End Gerrymandering in Georgia

Politicians shouldn’t be allowed to draw voting maps that benefit themselves. We need to change the rules and create a fair system so that voters are choosing the politicians, instead of politicians choosing their voters.

The 2017 Georgia Gerrymandering Tour

In 2017- 2018 Common Cause Georgia and dedicated partners toured the state discussing the effects of gerrymandering on the redistricting process.

Georgia: Take Action

End Gerrymandering in Georgia

Join Common Cause Georgia as we lobby local and state elected officials on the importance of protecting 'one person, one vote'.

Protect Our Elections

Our votes are our voice in determining the future of our communities and country. We mobilize volunteers to assist voters navigate the voting process in Georgia.

Call for an End to Felony Disenfranchisement

Demand that the members of the Georgia General Assembly define moral turpitude and that the voting rights of offenders who do not fall under that category be automatically restored

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