The Democracy Act puts democracy back in the hands of Georgia voters and takes it out of the hands of politicians.

Around the nation, Democrats and Republicans play games with our democracy at the expense of voters. Here at home, politicians have also drawn district lines to benefit themselves at the expense of Georgia voters. Under the current system, politicians often meet secretly in the dark and draw maps to benefit themselves.


The Democracy Act accomplishes three things.

First The Democracy Act tells the mapmakers never to use the political party affiliation of Georgia voters or past election results to draw the maps.

Second We all know that sunshine is the best disinfectant. The Democracy Act brings the entire map drawing process into the light where it belongs.

Third The Democracy Act is enforceable. The Democracy Act has sharp teeth because if politicians draw maps to benefit themselves at the expense of Georgia voters, they will be taken to court.

The Democracy Act requires

  • mapmakers to show the legislative district map that is being proposed,
  • a public comment period,
  • public hearings,
  • the map to be posted online,
  • the methodology – algorithms, software, formulas that are used to draw these maps – to be shown
  • mapmakers to state whether they accept or reject a map and the reason(s) for accepting or rejecting it, and
  • an independent redistricting commission to draw the maps, taking the process out of the hands of self-interested politicians.
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