Every 10 years, states re-draw the boundaries of congressional and legislative districts. Redistricting is supposed to reflect changes in population and ensure that everyone is fairly represented.

But politicians draw districts to give themselves or their party an unfair advantage. Common Cause Georgia believes voters should choose their representatives, not the other way around.

Here are the facts:

  • 5 of Georgia’s congressional incumbents ran unopposed in 2016.
  • 82% of 2016 GA General Assembly districts had only one major party candidate, the highest percentage of any state in the nation.
  • 56% of General Assembly campaigns were over before the primary due to incumbent protection.

We’re working to create better ways to draw districts that fairly represent your Georgia’s communities. We support reforms including the creation of independent redistricting commissions, the hiring of non-partisan state staff, and clear, constitutional rules for how lines should be drawn.

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