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Voting & Elections 08.24.2023

Petition Signers All Considered Active Voters

Common Cause Georgia supports the city of Atlanta accepting and processing the signatures of the more than 104,000 people. Those registered voters who sign it will now also be considered active voters.

Donald Trump and Conspirators’ Indictment Shows Accountability for Election Lies

"Today’s indictment is a necessary step to holding former President Donald Trump and his associates accountable for the calculated and immoral attempt to reject the will of Georgia voters in the 2020 election."

Voting & Elections 07.13.2023

Common Cause Georgia Applauds State Election Board for Taking Steps to Hold True the Vote Accountable

True the Vote, a Texas-based group that has pursued widely-disproven election conspiracy theories, was sued this week by the Georgia State Election Board for failing to provide information to the state board.

Voting & Elections 04.25.2023

Common Case Georgia Calls for Veto of Bill Allowing Removal of Elected District Attorneys

S.B. 92 would create a new commission that could remove prosecutors from office and undermine voters’ choices.

Voting & Elections 03.29.2023

MEDIA STATEMENT: Last Day of Georgia’s Legislative Session Brings Funding Restrictions to Election Departments

S.B. 222 will prevent already-strapped county election departments from accepting outside funds. 

Voting & Elections 03.6.2023

Statement from Common Cause Georgia on Legislature's Crossover Day

As Crossover Day comes to the Georgia legislature, Common Cause Georgia is watching several pieces of anti-voter legislation that would establish even more unnecessary barriers to people’s fundamental right to vote.

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