Common Case Georgia Calls for Veto of Bill Allowing Removal of Elected District Attorneys

ATLANTA —  Common Cause Georgia is calling on Gov. Brian Kemp to veto an undemocratic bill that stands to strip local district attorneys of their powers for seeking more equity-focused policies. 

The bill, S.B. 92 , passed both houses of the legislature and Kemp has until May 8 to veto the bill. It will otherwise become law, with or without his signature. 

This legislation would empower a commission made up largely of appointees from Kemp and Republican legislative leaders to punish or remove district attorneys from their offices.

The bill is in large response to the recent elections of district attorneys in Georgia pledging to reimagine our criminal legal system where communities and people are centered.

It also comes as Fani Willis, the Fulton County District Attorney, continues with her high-profile criminal probe into whether any state laws were broken when former President Donald Trump and his associates challenged the choices Georgia voters made in the 2020 election. Willis said recently she expects charges in that case would be filed this summer. 

“Voters are the ones who decide the direction of their local communities, not state politicians who may disagree with those choices,” said Aunna Dennis, Common Cause Georgia’s executive director. “Creating an unnecessary commission to strip elected prosecutors of their powers is yet another way this legislature is trying to silence the voices of Georgians who want a different future for our state.”