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Every American wants to have a say in the people and policies that determine the future for our families, community, and country.

Our right to vote is a privilege and a responsibility. We need to take that responsibility seriously.

Common Cause Education Fund is a recognized leader in the voting and elections field, working at both national and state levels to:

  • Ensure that voting processes are free, fair, and accessible
  • Expand access through modernization efforts
  • Protect against barriers to voting
  • Provide leadership in election protection efforts
  • Develop solutions to address the cyber security threats in our elections.

And we’re using research, education, coalition building, and mobilizing public support to get it done.

Our Work in Action:

Common Cause Education Fund is active in protecting fair elections: working on solutions that ensure voters’ access to the ballot box, helping voters who are having trouble casting their ballots, and working with election administrators to ensure our voting systems and machines are safe, reliable, and secure.

Common Cause Education Fund’s work helped launch the concept of state-based election administration working groups, which are now common practice in states across the country.

During an election season, we focus on election protection — that means making sure every eligible voter that wants to vote can do so unimpeded by:

  • Partnering with election officials to resolve problems collaboratively and advancing policies that will prevent problems in the future
  • Assisting individual voters and civic engagement partners by providing educational materials and other resources
  • Using the data collected from our activities to craft modern policy solutions
  • Utilizing litigation when necessary

Protecting our democracy is a non-partisan issue. Can we count on you to join our efforts?