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There’s nothing more important to a functioning democracy than an informed, engaged, public.

But right now, clear and comprehensible information is getting harder and harder to find. That’s a problem.

We need an independent and Constitutionally-protected free press that reports the facts so voters have the information they need — it’s no secret that the first target of any authoritarian regime is journalists.

Common Cause Education Fund is actively working to protect the open internet, resist unfair and dangerous media consolidation, and give all Americans access to high-speed internet to stay informed and connected.

Our Work In Action:

Moves by telecommunications giants and media firms, such as the Sinclair-Tribune and AT&T-Time Warner mergers, show the movement towards monopolization happening across the industry. This could have disastrous effects on consumers and the public.

Due to obfuscation and secrecy on the part of the companies seeking to merge relatively few Americans are aware of the massive changes these business moves would bring to the way new organizations and media companies will run.

Common Cause Education Fund recognizes the critical role public education plays in these debates and is committed to shining a light into the dark, opaque consolidation process.

Tens of thousands of our members have been mobilized by our public education campaigns, and we’re continuing our efforts because we’re committed to creating a media that upholds and elevates our democratic values.

Join the fight for fast, reliable, and affordable internet service — and equal, unmitigated access to all information — by supporting Common Cause Education Fund today.