Young Oregonians speak out on Motor Voter

Young Oregonians speak out on Motor Voter

The Common Cause Oregon interns shared their thoughts on the groundbreaking election reform bill

The Common Cause Oregon interns shared their thoughts on the groundbreaking election reform bill:

Alida Karakushi

I come from a country where many people due to their low economical status, sell their vote. Being here in Corvallis as a Fulbright student, I am amazed by the level of transparency and infrastructure you have in the USA to keep politicians accountable.

Yet, I am surprised to see that more than 300 000 Oregonians do not vote. We cannot prejudge the reasons they do not vote. We cannot say that 1 in 12 Oregonian citizens are lazy people who do not care about voting. People can be unregistered for various reasons. I am surprised by the level of bureaucracy one should go through to be able to vote.

Right now, your legislators are considering “New Motor Voter” legislation to make voter registration easier and more efficient. Contact your legislators and impact them with the idea of impartiality and inclusiveness be you Republicans or Democrats!

Luz Aguirre

What is the Motor Voter Bill? The New Motor Voter Bill will bring innovative technological change, increase government efficiency, and respect the voting rights of citizens.

The HB 2177 will update the Secretary of States and DMV’s process to register eligible citizens to vote. Currently there is an outdated paper process and this bill allows basic electronic technology to replace a process that has some barriers. This new process will help government agencies be efficient by saving time and minimizing human error. This bill is aimed at increasing voter registration and greater public participation. Citizens have the right to register to vote, opt out, and designate their own party preferences.

This new bill paves the way for Oregon to increase its public participation and for equal opportunities. Support the New Motor Voter Bill. Take Action Now!

Kaitlyn Offineer

Oregonians currently have to work to exercise their right to vote by going out of their way to register to vote. For instance, 29,000 Oregonians who registered past the deadline could not vote in the last two federal election cycles.

This figure does not take into account the Oregonians who wanted to vote but never had the time to register nor update their voter registration information after moving. Oregon’s New Motor Voter legislation, if passed, will prevent tragedies like this from being repeated.

There is no reason why registering to vote shouldn’t be more accessible to eligible voters and by sending a letter to your State Senator you can tell them why New Motor Voter matters to all Oregonians. Let’s make registering to vote an easier process so every Oregonian’s voice is heard.

Savannah Telford

Hello Oregonians,

Do we live in the digital age or what? Do you think your state should reflect the fast-paced world we live in today, or should we stick to the system that is slow, old-fashioned and inefficient? If you are a resident of Oregon and already registered with the DMV, wouldn’t it be nice to vote because of that?

The Oregon House approved the “Motor Voter” bill with a 35-24 winning vote. Now we have to pass it through the Senate. This bill allows the DMV to send your basic information to the Secretary of State enabling you to automatically register to vote. No more wait, no more hassle, and no time inefficiency! This new law will allow those who have been prevented from voting in the past to get their voices heard. This bill is nothing but an effort to reduce barriers to entry and increase representation in the legislative process. Isn’t that the ultimate goal of a well-functioning democracy and the founding pillars of this country?

It is in all of our best interests to support this bill and help get it passed in the Senate. Let us all be part of this change and get out of the passenger seat. It is time to drive!

Start your journey and get in the fast lane by sending a letter to your Senator!