What We’re Reading This Week – 7/25/14

What We're Reading This Week - 7/25/14

This week - Parenting, Koch Brothers' Power, Minneapolis school-board race, and Baseball vs. FCC's proposal


This week – Parenting, Koch Brothers’ Power, Minneapolis school-board race, and Baseball vs. FCC’s proposal.

1. Choose your parents wisely – The Economist

This article describes differences in child rearing between parents in different classes.  The big take-away is that “rich parents can afford to ease up a bit; poor parents need help”.

2. The Koch Brothers’ Agenda and the Real War at Home – Lisa Graves –  Huffington Post

The post does a good job explaining the implications of big money in politics.  Graves argues that the Koch Brothers’ power is far greater than most people believe and details their plansto invest millions of dollars in future elections.

3. Dark money in Minneapolis school-board race; fewer donations going to individual candidates – Beth Hawkins – Minn Post

This article details the growing influence of anonymous political donors at every level of our elections.  Hawkins reports that public skepticism about the impact of small donations,  the Citizens United decision, and increased involvement in politics by “independent” groups has increased the influence of “dark money.”

4. Major League Baseball Is No Fan of The FCC’s Proposed Net Neutrality Rules – Michael Learmonth – International Business Times

The national pastime is no fan of the FCC’s proposed rules to permit  two-tiered broadband service.  According to this article, the leaders of MLB believe “fast lanes” online would hurt American consumers.