Victory! Illinois Legislature Passes Online Voter Registration

Victory! Illinois Legislature Passes Online Voter Registration

The Illinois Legislature passed a bill at the end of session that will allow voters to register online. The bill also contained provisions for making voting more accessible on Illinois public university campuses. Common Cause Illinois is among the several organizations that advocated for the passage of House Bill 2418, and the bill is now on Governor Quinn’s desk waiting for his signature.

Under the legislation, voters will be able to register on the Board of Elections’ website by providing driver’s license and social security number. That data will be shared and confirmed by the Illinois Secretary of State’s office and each respective County Clerk’s office.

Common Cause Illinois, as part of our Voter Rights Initiative, is working to ensure that the program is implemented effectively and efficiently to increase opportunities for all Illinoisans to vote. This is especially important after the recent Supreme Court decision that strips away protections that were put in place in the Voter Rights Act over forty years ago.

For more information on Common Cause’s Voter Rights initiative or to get involved, contact Brian Gladstein at