Socially Distant, Politically Powerful: Good Government Over Bad Politics

This chart is an important first step in understanding the choices each of us makes in the face of this pandemic. Like any other adjustment we make in life, it represents stages we move through if we are open to learning and growing. Recognizing some people will never move beyond fear is an important realization. Fear halts us all in different ways and in different parts of life.

Once you have internalized the stages for yourself, shift your focus and ask, “What kind of government do I want …” because that’s the question we should encourage every eligible voter to think about for the 2020 Election. Before deciding  “who” will lead us, or genuflecting to any ideological perspective we should ask, “what direction will we set for our shared future?” As a self-governed people that responsibility is ours. We have the power. We transfer it with our votes. When we don’t vote we give away our individual power to those who do.

For a generation, it seems as though politics and the “permanent campaign” have become what many people think governing is all about and some cannot recall a time when politics, for the most part, ended with elections and governing began as new or returning leaders were sworn in. Compromise was a way to move forward and involved sacrifice from everyone involved. Crises were moments when leaders rose to the occasion and set differences aside for the common good.

Share this and engage your friends in genuine conversation on social media, in chats online, or when we gather together again. Talk, listen, and learn together about how people respond to this chart in the context of self-governance and our responsibility to engage and be informed, active voters. Again, recognizing some people get stuck in fear is important. Can we help people imagine new ways of funding elections, redistricting, voting, so that we live up to the promise of a democracy that truly works for all of us because it reflects our communities?

We all need to remember and remind each other we are the power, we set the direction and have a say in the future with our vote. Where there is gerrymandering, vote suppression, or wealthy special interests usurping people’s power it is incumbent on the rest of us to elect leaders who will prioritize changing laws so the everyone is heard and every vote is counted as cast.

We all need to think more about good governing than bad politics so we strengthen everyone’s voice in our democracy and encourage others to do the same.