Robert Reich: Ten Steps to Finding Common Ground

Robert Reich offers advice on engaging political conversations with people we disagree with because democracy depends on it.

Democracy Wire is pleased to bring you this video from Robert Reich, a man who understands that Americans disagree on many issues and knows we cannot resolve those differences without a functioning democracy. It’s our ability to find pragmatic solutions to the problems we face that determines the difference between self-governance and handing over the people’s power to fewer and fewer wealthy special interests. To find those solutions, we need a government that functions. That will happen again when government reflects that people and values in our communities and honors core values of our democracy like one person, one vote and the candidates or ideas that have majority support are the winners who should lead and the direction most Americans want to go.

All that starts by recognizing we are the government and it is our conversations with our family, friends, and colleagues are more important than anyone’s latest tweet.

How we engage those conversations is more important than we think. Please share this video and help foster more productive conversations about the future we all share.