One More Promise To Keep

One More Promise To Keep

PolitiFact recently compared Barack Obama’s campaign promises in 2008 to his administration’s accomplishments in the first term. He scored 73%.

3 out of 4 ain’t bad? Meh.

Well, here’s one promise he still needs to keep: appointing an FCC Chair who values the public interest. We know that a media with many voices means more viewpoints, and does a better job of informing the electorate.

During the Bush Administration, Sen. Obama fought media consolidation, stating in a letter with Sen. John Kerry that “We strongly believe that the FCC should address the issues of minority and small business media ownership before taking up the wider media ownership issue.” They were right, by the way.

As we know though, the FCC under the Chairman he appointed, Julius Genachowski, is considering consolidation proposals that are striking similar to the ones Sen. Obama once so intensely opposed. The change would basically give the Los Angeles Times and the Chicago Tribune to Rupert Murdoch.

Now’s a good time to take another Special Adviser on Media and Democracy Michael Copps’ blog from last year on President Obama’s Promises to Keep.

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