Illinois Passes Online Voter Registration Bill

Illinois Passes Online Voter Registration Bill

On Saturday, July 27th, Governor Pat Quinn signed HB2418, which creates an online voter registration program for the state of Illinois. Common Cause Illinois commends the state legislature and the Governor for mandating that the State Board of Elections (SBOE) implement online registration by July 2014.

Online Registration is a key component of Voter Registration Modernization that allows voters to register ” and to check and update their registration records ” through a secure and accessible online portal. Online registration makes voting easier and more accessible, especially for young and low-income voters.

Illinois Gov. Patt Quinn signs HB2418, with supporters and Common Cause Illinois Executive Director Rey Lopez-Calderon.

Common Cause Illinois, the Cook County Clerk’s Office, and eleven other voter rights and political reform organizations have made recommendations to the SBOE, saying that the online system should include the following:

  • Mobile-friendly version
  • Multi-lingual options, including English, Spanish, Chinese, and Hindi
  • Accessibility features, such as read-aloud technology and large print
  • Ability to request a mail ballot directly through the website
  • Common Cause Illinois will support and hold accountable the SBOE as it implements this important program. Illinois is the 18th State to pass such an online registration bill, and we hope that more states will soon follow. This is a great victory for voting rights activists in our state, but our work has just begun to ensure that everyone has opportunity to exercise his or her right to vote.

    In addition to the work we are doing for implementation of the online registration program, Common Cause Illinois is advocating locally and nationally after the U.S. Supreme Court’s recent decision that stripped away protections under the Voting Rights Act. Now, more than ever, we must mobilize to fight for our voting rights and end voting suppression.

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