Georgia Update – America’s Journey for Justice

Georgia Update - America's Journey for Justice

Ryan Splitlog, Assistant Director of Common Cause Georgia, gives a report from Georgia on America's Journey for Justice

Drenched in sweat at mile seven before 10:00 am, I started questioning just what I had gotten myself into in joining up with a group of almost 100 spirited marchers making their way north from Lawrenceville to Winder up Highway 29 on America’s Journey for Justice. After a deep breath to steady myself and an eighth bottle of water, I took a moment to really reflect why we were putting our bodies on the line in the brutal Georgia heat — Our Lives, Our Votes, Our Jobs, and Our Schools Matter.

Unfortunately, because of the Shelby decision, one of the most restrictive voter ID laws in the country, and consistent attempts to reduce early voting days, Georgians do not have unfettered access to the ballot box. By marching, we literally took one of the necessary steps to help protect and create a thriving democracy in which all our voices are heard. An inspiring and emotional set of speakers capped off our 20 mile day at a mass meeting at the King Center, leaving us all energized and ready to take on the next leg of the march. This is what democracy looks like — people of all ages and ethnicities coming together in search of a common goal.

You can join us on the march — for a day or a week — or attend an event near you. Find out more and get involved here: