Common Cause’s Work in Stopping the TEGNA/Standard General Merger

Thanks to hard-hitting grassroots action, we’ve successfully defended local news from what would’ve been one of the largest hedge fund media takeovers in our country’s history!

Standard General & TEGNA have abandoned their plans to merge – after Common Cause along with Communications Workers of America and United Church of Christ Media Justice Ministry sounded the alarm.

Why? Because the hedge fund Standard General, they were about to take ownership of 64 local TV networks! As I wrote in Broadcast & Cable last week, that’d mean more reporter layoffs, more media consolidation, and more cuts to local news. 

Our members realize, more than most, how important quality journalism (especially local journalism) is for a functioning democracy. Without independent reporters investigating and holding the powerful accountable, all that’s left is disinformation burying the real issues under partisan noise.

That’s why, when Common Cause first learned of this attempted takeover, we sprung into action last June – shining a spotlight on what was going on, taking legal action to block the merger, and generating 6,434 comments to the Federal Communications Commission.

We couldn’t have done this without our members – because every action we take is fueled by their dedication and support. They helped us stop the Sinclair merger back in 2018 – which would have pumped partisan disinformation disguised as “news” into living rooms across America.

And now our members have delivered another HUGE victory for the public interest, and against the runaway corporate consolidation endangering the fierce, independent journalism our democracy needs to function.

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