Common Cause Maryland: Accessible and Secure Voting Includes Election Day Registration

Common Cause Maryland is making sure that every eligible voter who wants to vote can do so with Election Day Registration. Why should your voice or mine be left out? We should all have a say in the future for our family and community and we can do that in making sure our elections are secure and accessible.

This November, Maryland voters will decide whether to allow residents to register to vote at their polling places on Election Day. If passed, this constitutional amendment for Election Day Registration (EDR) will eliminate arbitrary deadlines that stop citizens from voting – ensuring every eligible Marylander can have their voice heard on Election Day.

Commit to Vote Yes on Question 2 this November 6th for Election Day Registration

The necessity of EDR in 2018 could not be more clear. Days before the primary election this year, the State Board of Elections became aware of the MVA’s failure to transfer over 80,000 voter registrations – forcing thousands of Marylanders to fill out provisional ballots, which voters have extremely low confidence in. EDR would have allowed Marylanders in this situation the ability to vote on a regular ballot. EDR is a safety net to ensure that if eligible voters show up to the polls on Election Day, they can have confidence that their voices will be heard.

Maryland currently has same-day registration during the Early Voting Period. The program has been an immense success with nearly 20,000 Marylanders using same-day registration during the early voting period to register to vote for the first time or update their registration. EDR will build on this gains- ensuring every eligible Marylander can have their voice heard in the future election. To learn more and to get involved in the campaign, visit

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