Citizens Appeal to the President Pt. 2

Citizens Appeal to the President Pt. 2

Common Cause asked members what they would say to President Obama if he were as accessible to them as he is to big donors. Over 2,000 messages came to us from some informed and concerned citizens about the state of democracy under this administration. We picked out a few of our favorites for your delight.

“I contributed countless hours to Organizing for America and Obama for America in 2012, and I sacrificed to be able to contribute over $3000 last year as well. However, as much as I believe in Organizing for Action, I – out of principle – am not going to contribute money. And while I hope that the donations of those bundlers who contribute more than $500,000 will be used to further the cause of social justice in our country, I am appalled by offering these fundraisers special personal access to you. You have a bully pulpit now. Can’t you use it to influence Americans to get money out of politics rather than perpetuating the most fundamental problem the U.S. has: cash for influence… I can’t believe we’ll solve the problem by throwing more money at it.”

– Katherine Girsch


“Support access for everybody!”

-K. J. Nelson


“Your support came from the little people who sent $5-50 and that was a great deal of money to them. How many of those supporters would you have had if you had done this during you campaign.”

-George Archibald

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