Citizens Appeal to the President Pt. 1

Citizens Appeal to the President Pt. 1

Common Cause asked members what they would say to President Obama if he were as accessible to them as he is to big donors. Over 2,000 messages came to us from some informed and concerned citizens about the state of democracy under this administration. We picked out a few of our favorites for your delight.

“President Obama, you are reportedly considering giving your biggest fundraisers unprecedented access–in person meetings with yourself four times a year for anyone who raised $500,000 or more for your new lobbying group, Organizing For Action. Most Americans don’t have that kind of money to spend on politics, and that shouldn’t matter. Every citizen deserves to have their voice heard–one person, one vote. Common Cause believes that nobody should have to pay to be heard. We’re asking Americans: if you had the a chance to meet with the President face-to-face, what would urge him to do to fix our democracy? We’ll be delivering the messages to the White House in person, so that every American, and not just big donors, can be heard.”

-Stephen Urbaniak


“Access to the President for cash is anti democratic as heck. Do we have a democracy or an oligarchy? Is the White House for sale? Are the policies of the United States going to be dictated by those who pay enough?”

-Ed Neffinger


“Pay to Play Huh?”

-Stephen Perrine


“Why not access by lottery? All contributors should have equal chance to talk to OUR president. OFA(Organizing for Action) is not a good idea.”

-RA Flatt


“This potential move is distressing to those of us who will be unable to buy your time.”

-Evelyn Fraser

“Citizens like me actively work to develop political candidates, continuously advocate with others for public interest issues, and enthusiastically contribute modestly to campaigns. All of this is very hard to sustain when too many citizens view government cynically as the pay-to-play purview of the wealthy and the well-connected. Please, Mr. President, act wisely on behalf of all your constituents.”

-Barbara Trout

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