My Voice, My Art, Our Cause Artivism Contest: 3rd Place

3rd Place Winners Artivism Contest

Mithsuca B., 21, Massachusetts

Free Speech & Freedom to Protest

“My work of art is a fight for visibility. There are so many cycles of silencing that happens in our country – and it’s keeping us from true liberation. Safety should not be something we should need to fight for. This pandemic timeline has exposed so much that is in need of healing and justice. The moment to rest brought us back into our bodies, to process what is keeping us from peace. Marginalized communities are those impacted by that the most. If we are truly in a country that encourages the pursuit of happiness – why are there so many systems in placed meant to make that impossible. My use of illustration in this is to catch the eye visually – but make this conversation accessible. I want to encourage banding together as it amplifies our collective needs. We are trying to usher in a new future and that is strengthened by creating space for one another.”

Selorm T., 28, Ohio

Media Reform

I believe the media wrongly represent adults, specifically black adults, creating a gap in the next generation’s view of growth. My work of art represents the beginning (genesis), roots and culture. I hope to convey, finding yourself in any of the old stories that constructed the foundations/structure of the world as we know it today. As well as the duality in all things.”