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Common Cause members are demanding an impeachment inquiry.

On July 24, following the testimony of Robert Mueller, Common Cause called for an impeachment investigation. Clearly there were questions unanswered, and Common Cause members wanted to know the truth.

Voting & Elections 11.19.2019

Pennsylvania voting reforms will help college students

Pennsylvania's new voting reform package makes voting easier for all Pennsylvanians, including students, and increases access to our democracy.


Your fellow Common Cause members taking action

Tens of thousands of you nationwide have called, emailed, or met with their U.S. representatives and urged them to support an impeachment investigation. Meet a few of these champions of democracy.

Michigan Voters Oppose Partisan Gerrymandering, Despite SCOTUS Ruling

The Detroit News ran a guest opinion from a proponent of partisan gerrymandering. Here is our response.

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