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Daily dispatches of news and commentary from the frontlines of the pro-democracy movement. The views expressed on Democracy Wire are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the views of Common Cause.

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Media & Democracy 07.12.2018

VIDEO: Stop Sinclair Broadcasting! More than 700,000 Americans Demand the FCC Act

Americans understand why the First Amendment contains both our free speech and a free press as fundamental to our democracy. We must have information we can rely on to make informed decisions and cast informed ballots to determine the future for our family and community.

Money & Influence 06.8.2018

Studies Track Damage Done By Runaway, Secret Political Spending

Hidden donors are bankrolling more than one-third of the nation's governors and their policy agendas through phony non-profit groups.

Money & Influence 04.19.2018

Ryan Calms Restless Republicans: The Big Donors Are Still Giving

Though he's now a lame duck, House Speaker Paul Ryan put down the mini-rebellion among his fellow Republicans with a simple message: the constituents who really matter to the party’s elected leaders – the big dollar donors – are still with him and still writing checks.

Money & Influence 04.5.2018

‘Dark Money’ Helps Pay for Pro-Trump Facebook Ads

Millions of dollars from secret donors financed the "social welfare" groups that obtained personal information about millions of Americans from Facebook and used it to help Donald Trump win the presidency

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