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Join the thousands across the country who instantly rally when there is a threat to our democracy.


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Media & Democracy 03.1.2018

Oregon Set To Enforce Net Neutrality Protections

Oregon is on the verge of joining a growing list of states that are stepping up to protect the free flow of information online in the wake of the Federal Communications Commission’s decision to repeal “net neutrality” protections.

Media & Democracy 02.27.2018

Defending Net Neutrality

Common Cause activists are joining their counterparts from other democracy reform groups today in pressuring lawmakers to overturn the Federal Communications Commission’s decision to end net neutrality protections for internet users.

Media & Democracy 01.16.2018

Net Neutrality Supporters Need Just One More Senator!

There is fresh evidence this morning that the fight for an open internet isn’t over; aroused citizens can still save it.

Media & Democracy 01.8.2018

Where the Rubber Meets the Road In the Fight for an Open Internet

The battle for an Open Internet now pits the three self-proclaimed wise men of the FCC against an overwhelming majority of the American people.

Media & Democracy 12.14.2017

FCC Repeals "First Amendment of the Internet"

Get ready to pay more for your internet service and to endure longer waits while some of your favorite websites are loading.

Media & Democracy 12.7.2017

Can They Hear You Now?

Thousands of Americans are heading to Verizon stores across the country today to protest its efforts to gain control of what they can see and hear on the internet.

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