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Join the thousands across the country who instantly rally when there is a threat to our democracy.


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Money & Influence 04.19.2018

Ryan Calms Restless Republicans: The Big Donors Are Still Giving

Though he's now a lame duck, House Speaker Paul Ryan put down the mini-rebellion among his fellow Republicans with a simple message: the constituents who really matter to the party’s elected leaders – the big dollar donors – are still with him and still writing checks.

Money & Influence 04.12.2018

People Power Beats the NRA in Vermont

Vermonters love hunting and about half own guns, but the Green Mountain State is standing up to the NRA to impose sensible gun restrictions

Money & Influence 04.5.2018

‘Dark Money’ Helps Pay for Pro-Trump Facebook Ads

Millions of dollars from secret donors financed the "social welfare" groups that obtained personal information about millions of Americans from Facebook and used it to help Donald Trump win the presidency

Money & Influence 02.5.2018


The payday lending industry is gaining new freedom to exploit Americans who have weak credit and need quick cash.

Money & Influence 01.26.2015

BREAKING: Kochs Plan to Spend $1 Billion in 2016

New reports suggest the Koch are planning on investing over a billion dollars in 2016.

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