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Voting & Elections 08.15.2014

Cap Times Backs Common Cause Wisconsin’s Effort to Highlight Candidate Views on Redistricting

The Capital Times published an editorial today supporting Common Cause Wisconsin’s call for candidates to make their views known on redistricting reform. Of the 99 Assembly races that will be decided in November, 52 candidates will run without major party opposition as a result of gerrymandering.

Voting & Elections 08.13.2014

Florida Legislature’s Proposed Congressional Map Again Fails Minority Voters

Common Cause Florida Chair Peter Butzin criticized the Florida State Legislature’s proposed congressional map in Reuters yesterday for its continued packing of minority voters to limit their influence on surrounding districts.

Voting & Elections 08.11.2014

Common Cause Stays Engaged as Florida Legislature Redraws Congressional Lines

Common Cause and the League of Women Voters of Florida jointly wrote two letters to the leadership of the Florida Legislature last week during the special session called to redraw the state’s congressional districts. Judge Terry Lewis ruled that current districts violate new state constitutional provisions forbidding partisanship to be a factor in the redrawing of lines and ordered the Legislature to draw a new map by August 15.

Voting & Elections 07.25.2014

Common Cause Wisconsin Shines a Spotlight on Legislators’ Redistricting Views

Common Cause Wisconsin is calling on state legislators to replace the manipulation of legislative districts for partisan advantage with a fair redistricting process.

Voting & Elections 07.25.2014

Florida Redistricting Decision Coming Next Week

A Florida judge who ruled that the state’s congressional districts violated state constitutional protections against drawing lines for partisan gain delayed a decision about whether to redraw districts before the November midterm elections. Common Cause is a plaintiff in the case. In a hearing yesterday, Circuit Judge Terry Lewis stated that he planned to issue a ruling next week.

Voting & Elections 07.17.2014

Common Cause Maryland Hosts Birthday Party for Gerrymandering's Namesake

Common Cause Maryland hosted a birthday party Thursday for Elbridge Gerry, widely credited as the first politician to perfect the dark art of manipulating legislative lines for partisan purposes. Gerry, a former Vice President and Massachusetts governor, signed into law oddly shaped districts meant to solidify his party’s majority in the legislature while he was governor. The Boston Gazette drew a political cartoon in 1812 comparing one of the districts to a salamander and naming the district a “gerrymander.”

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