50 resolutions in 5 years

50 resolutions in 5 years

On the eve of the 5th anniversary of Citizens United, Del Mar, California, passes a resolution calling for a constitutional amendment to overturn Citizens United.

Last night Del Mar became the latest California city to pass a resolution supporting a Constitutional Amendment to overturn Citizens United.  There are now now over 50 California localities that have taken a stand. 

Our San Diego activists like Dianne L., Pam P., Bob S. and Arshya S. have been hard at work securing support for these resolutions throughout the county, including San Diego, Chula Vista, Encinitas, and Lemon Grove.  It just shows that 5 years after the disastrous Supreme Court decision in Citizens United, the issue of money in politics is just as important to people.  Whether we are in San Francisco or San Diego, Los Angeles or Los Altos, voters and our leaders are taking a stand for the right of people, not monied interests, to shape our democracy.