2013: A Good Year for Good Government

2013: A Good Year for Good Government

Common Cause Maryland had a banner year -- executive director Jennifer Bevan-Dangel shares some of the highlights.

I always make it a point to stay and watch the balloons fall at midnight to commemorate the end of the legislative session. This year was especially rewarding– knowing how much we’ve accomplished in just three short months, I could finally relax and look back on a job well done.

Here’s just a taste of what Common Cause Maryland accomplished this past session:

Campaign Finance Reform – The Campaign Finance Reform Act of 2013 closed the loophole that allows out of state PACs and LLCs to make unlimited political contributions, while at the same time expanding reporting requirements for independent expenditures and laying the groundwork for local governments to establish public financing for their elections.

Voting Rights – We successfully fought to expand early voting and allow same-day voter registration in Maryland, while also making key investments in our election infrastructure and successfully defending against voter suppression efforts, including photo ID laws.

Transparency – Our Open Meetings Act is a lot stronger now, thanks to two key reforms. Now, public officials will be trained on how to comply with the Act, and the penalties for violating this important transparency law have been made much stronger.

That may sound like a lot, but don’t think we’re resting on our laurels just yet — there’s still more to do. Next session, we’ll be advocating for a statewide public financing system, much needed reforms to our redistricting process, greater transparency in the legislative process, and more! And in between legislative sessions, we’ll still be working on our national priorities, like fighting media consolidation and overturning the disastrous Citizens United decision.

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Until next year!