This year, Delaware lawmakers will draw new legislative maps based on 2020 Census data — and we need to make sure the process is transparent and open.

Delawareans deserve to know how maps are drawn and participate in the process — and we need to make sure that process is non-partisan and fair so members of the General Assembly can’t abuse their public power to advance the interests of themselves or their party.

But in 2021, it will take all of us to make sure that Delaware’s legislature doesn’t gerrymander in a way that divides our communities or makes some votes count less than others. 

Delaware law lets politicians draw electoral maps without input from the public. And you can see in Delaware where lines have been drawn to divide or pack voters to favor one political party or protect powerful incumbents from competition.

This is a major threat to our democracy.

Elected officials, candidates for office, advocates, public figures, and ordinary Delawareans are standing together to take the End Gerrymandering Delaware Pledge — to show their unified support for our right to fair representation and a meaningful choice when we go to the polls.