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Redistricting Data Delays Will Impact Your State

The Census Bureau is asking for a 120-day extension of the deadline for sending population data to the states. The new proposed deadline will impact Delaware.

We're pushing for fair electoral maps.

Fair maps means counting everyone equally, playing by the rules, and having a transparent process. We must end practices like gerrymandering to a create a democracy where everyone’s voice is heard and every vote matters.

When you sign the pledge we can share with our legislators who will know how  you stand. We can end gerrymandering with your help!

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Demand secure and modern elections for Delaware

It's time to pass the Early Voting and Same Day Registration bills that have been filed in our legislature -- and will be voted on soon by our representatives.

Tell Delaware lawmakers -- time for National Popular Vote!

National Popular Vote would reshape our democracy for the better. It would ensure that the president is chosen by the will of the people.

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