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Voting & Elections 03.14.2024

ACLU-DE announces constitutional amendment agenda to expand voting rights in Delaware

“When you take rights away from people, as we’ve seen recently, they don’t like it."

Voting & Elections 03.14.2024

Voting Rights Advocates Launch Campaign to Secure & Expand Access to Voting for Delawareans

“With the recent ruling, we are at risk of joining just 3 other states — Alabama, New Hampshire, and Mississippi — that do not offer any early voting options."

Suspicious payments and dirty tricks: Will husband’s controversies impact Lt. Gov. Bethany Hall-Long’s bid for governor?

"We need public officers to follow the Delaware code because it’s very important for voters to be able to trust their elected officials."

DelCOG 2023 Annual Meeting

The Delaware Coalition on Open Government met December 6, 2023 to talk about lessons in government accountability from 2023, and what is on the agenda for 2024.

Revolt roils Hall-Long’s Delaware gubernatorial campaign over $207,000 paid to husband

"Voters need to be able to trust that their money is being spent on legitimate campaign expenses rather than lining candidate pockets.”

Money & Influence 11.14.2023

How Hall-Long’s refusal to release audit findings sparked elections reform talks

Groups urge Lt. Gov. Hall-Long to release her gubernatorial campaign's financial audit.

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