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Bay to Bay News: Commentary: Let’s keep redistricting in Delaware fair

The public must have a chance to provide input both before and after the maps are drawn. Before lawmakers put pen to paper, they should listen to community stakeholders about what issues are most important to them and how legislative districts are relevant to their everyday lives.


Common Cause Delaware questions $18.3 million voting system price tag

Lawmakers appeared pleased with the selection, although some advocates have argued for paper ballots instead. During the Department of Elections’ budget hearing, Jennifer Hill, a lobbyist for the good government group Common Cause Delaware, objected to the purchase, noting the department has asked for another $5 million over the next four years for the machines. However, Ms. Manlove disputed the claim that the price tag is much bigger than anticipated, saying the costs for maintenance and the software license should only total about $100,000 a year more than the state currently pays.


Open government group calls for paper ballots as state negotiates with vendor

Common Cause of Delaware wants Delawareans to weigh in on the state's purchase of new voting booths, urging citizens to call for a system that can't be hacked. “Common Cause Delaware asked for the bids to be shared with the public soon after they were received by the Department of Elections in January,” said Jennifer Hill, program director for Common Cause Delaware. “This is a historic civic event in our state as we have not had a new system since 1996, and it was 50 years ago when the old lever system was purchased.”


Lawsuit Forces Delaware to release details on voting machine bids


Delaware’s New Voting machines in Decades are on their Way


Transparency Sought in Voting Machine purchase

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