Proposed Charter Change to Give Businesses Right to Vote in Seaford

Executive director Claire Snyder-Hall talks to WRDE about a bill that would allow artificial entities and corporations in Seaford to vote in municipal elections.

This article originally appeared on WRDE on June 20, 2023 and was written by Mallory Metzner.  

Below is Claire Snyder-Hall’s comment on this proposed charter amendment that would give corporations and artificial entities the right to vote in Seaford municipal elections 

Common Cause Delaware says it’s not fair for out of town business owners to vote twice, once where they live and once in Seaford.

“This bill is essentially voter suppression from the other way,” says Executive Director Claire Snyder-Hall. “It’s voter dilution, so instead of blocking residents of Seaford from voting, this bill will dilute their vote by allowing artificial entities owned by people who don’t live in Seaford to cancel out the votes of Seaford residents.”

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