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Voting & Elections 07.5.2023

Common Cause Delaware talks corporate voting, gerrymandering, and voter registration

Executive director Claire Snyder-Hall spoke with Teleduction about the latest issues at play in the legislature.

Voting & Elections 06.30.2023

Delaware Senate Rejects Controversial Seaford Corporate Voting Rights Amendment

“Delaware is infamous for our business-friendly courts and laws, but this is a bridge too far."

Voting & Elections 06.30.2023

Delaware House Passes Controversial Corporate Voting Rights Amendment

"Corporations have no place in our elections — full stop."

Voting & Elections 06.27.2023

Delaware House Tees Up Bill to Allow Corporations to Vote

"After Citizens United, this is another step down the road to corporate tyranny."

Voting & Elections 06.21.2023

Testimony by Claire Snyder-Hall on bill to allow people with felony convictions to restore their right to vote

SB 180 would restore the right to vote to people who have completed felony sentences.

Voting & Elections 06.21.2023

The State That May Let Corporations Vote In Elections

The Lever covers a new bill in Delaware that could allow corporations to vote in Seaford.

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