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Voting & Elections 09.6.2023

The Future of Voting In America

Claire Snyder-Hall speaks with other nonprofit leaders about barriers to the ballot box.

Voting & Elections 08.22.2023

Common Cause Delaware Beats Back Corporation Voting Bill

Claire Snyder-Hall sits down for an interview with Corporate Crime Reporter about Seaford's corporate voting bill.

Voting & Elections 08.16.2023

R.I. Board of Elections finds ‘no obvious pattern of fraud’ in Matos nomination papers

John Marion comments on the Rhode Island Board of Elections' review of candidate Sabina Matos' nomination forms.

Voting & Elections 08.11.2023

Podcast: Companies Can Vote in Delaware?!

The I Hate Politics podcast speaks with executive director Claire Snyder-Hall about Delaware's corporate voting measure.

Voting & Elections 08.1.2023

Attempts to Corporatize Voting in Delaware Reveal New Threat to American Democracy

Rev. Al Sharpton writes about the corporatization of democracy in Delaware.

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