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Voting & Elections 03.14.2024

ACLU-DE announces constitutional amendment agenda to expand voting rights in Delaware

“When you take rights away from people, as we’ve seen recently, they don’t like it."

Voting & Elections 03.14.2024

Voting Rights Advocates Launch Campaign to Secure & Expand Access to Voting for Delawareans

“With the recent ruling, we are at risk of joining just 3 other states — Alabama, New Hampshire, and Mississippi — that do not offer any early voting options."

Voting & Elections 09.6.2023

The Future of Voting In America

Claire Snyder-Hall speaks with other nonprofit leaders about barriers to the ballot box.

Voting & Elections 08.22.2023

Common Cause Delaware Beats Back Corporation Voting Bill

Claire Snyder-Hall sits down for an interview with Corporate Crime Reporter about Seaford's corporate voting bill.

Voting & Elections 08.11.2023

Podcast: Companies Can Vote in Delaware?!

The I Hate Politics podcast speaks with executive director Claire Snyder-Hall about Delaware's corporate voting measure.

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