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Snyder-Hall: Delaware’s grade on redistricting process is C-

"Having free and fair elections — where we, the people, choose our leaders — is not a partisan issue."

50 State Report: Delaware Earns C- for Redistricting from Common Cause

"Though we made some improvements in terms of transparency, we need to prepare Delaware voters to engage more next time around."

Voting & Elections 08.22.2023

Common Cause Delaware Beats Back Corporation Voting Bill

Claire Snyder-Hall sits down for an interview with Corporate Crime Reporter about Seaford's corporate voting bill.

Voting & Elections 06.20.2023

TODAY: Delaware House to Hear Reintroduction of Controversial Corporate Voting Rights Bill

Common Cause Delaware strongly opposes bill to allow “artificial entities” to vote in municipal elections

Money & Influence 05.18.2023

Common Cause Delaware talks with WBOC about Seaford corporate voting bill

Claire Snyder-Hall, executive director of Common Cause Delaware, talks with WBOC a proposed amendment to the Seaford city charter that would allow corporations to vote.

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