We can make it easier to vote in Connecticut

"Folks in Connecticut like to brag that their state is one of the leaders in the nation in voter turnout. But those bragging rights belong to others instead. In fact, Connecticut’s voter turnout lagged behind 15 other states in 2020 despite the state’s having the fifth highest level of educational attainment in the U.S. A likely reason for this underperformance: voting is considerably easier in almost every other state than it is here. The good news is that we will soon have a chance to make it much easier for everyone in Connecticut to vote in future elections. On November 8, voters can choose to expand voting access and bring our elections into the 21st century by voting yes on ballot question 1: 'Shall the Constitution of the State be amended to permit the General Assembly to provide for early voting?'" --Diana Evans, State Advisory Board Member, Common Cause in Connecticut