Early voting is on the ballot in CT, a key issue for Black and Latino residents

“If you go after work, be prepared to wait in line,” said Foster in her soft Jamaican accent, near picnic tables topped with sorrel, ginger beer and palm-sized coconut pies — all of which she made herself. The well-regarded vendor has stayed civically active during her 35 years living in the predominantly Black and Latino city, often finding it helpful to plan in advance for Election Day. Foster, who assists her 96-year-old father to the polls, knows first-hand the difficulties people experience trying to cast ballots, many of which might keep voters away altogether. Some folks work multiple jobs. Trains get delayed. Rush hour traffic clogs the highways. Anything can happen, she said. But Foster didn’t know that early voting was on this year’s ballot — a measure which, if approved, could give people more time to vote in person before Election Day.