Their claims of voter fraud were denied. Now this CT group is looking to delete dead registered voters.

Timothy DeCarlo, the Republican registrar for the city of Waterbury, recently warned top election officials in the secretary of the state's office that Fight Voter Fraud is demanding the removal of voters from the rolls on the basis of sometimes flimsy pretenses. "The information that they are including on each voter lacks a great deal of information, especially the 'obituary' that they are including on each voter," DeCarlo wrote during the summer, adding that he was concerned people who are alive could be scrubbed from the rolls because there are 180 new registrars around the state since 2020. In a phone interview, DeCarlo said that there will always be deceased people on voter rolls until proven otherwise through the Social Security Administration; an extensive obituary from a funeral home; or report from a town clerk or the local health department. "Without actual evidence, I just can't take them off," he said. "I need solid evidence and not a one-line from"