On the ballot: early voting

Cheri Quickmire, executive director of Common Cause Connecticut, a nonprofit that works for "open, honest and accountable government," said early voting is long overdue in Connecticut. “When we talk with people about this it always sounds to them like a real no-brainier: ‘Of course we should do this,’ and ‘why in the world don’t we have it,’” she said. “We are anticipating that being the case this time at the polling place. People are ready to say that they think we should have early voting.” Quickmire reflected on the failed early voting ballot measure in 2014. “The language of the amendment was very difficult to understand. People didn’t really know what it meant and it became a challenge,” she said. “When people are confused by anything on the ballot, they just ignore it or pass it over, so they did. We have data that shows there were people who voted for (former Democratic Governor Dan) Malloy, but then they just didn’t vote for the question on the ballot.”