In America, elections are supposed to represent the will of the people - not the will of politicians.

Under our current system, legislative and congressional districts in Colorado are drawn with an eye toward protecting incumbents and promoting partisan advantage for the party in power. While the boundaries for state legislative districts are drawn by an 11-member Reapportionment Commission, the members of that commission are mostly appointed by politicians themselves. And congressional redistricting is done by the General Assembly—a process that is overly politicized and rarely completed without the assistance of the Supreme Court.

Colorado Common Cause is working to improve our redistricting process by establishing an Independent Redistricting Commission. This commission would draw districts that fairly represent the interests of the communities in our state – as opposed to favoring incumbents or political parties. We support an independent commission process that is transparent, accessible to, and inclusive of, all Colorado citizens.

Join us in the fight to create an independent redistricting commission and end gerrymandering in Colorado.