In America, elections are supposed to represent the will of the people - not the will of politicians.

Colorado Common Cause is working to end gerrymandering once and for all in Colorado by establishing Independent Redistricting Commissions in our state.

And we have never been closer to achieving this goal. 

In November 2018, Colorado voters will have the opportunity to pass Amendments Y and Z. These initiatives will create independent redistricting commissions, which will be made up of everyday Coloradans – not politicians – and will create political districts that fairly and equitably represent the communities in our state.

Amendments Y and Z are on the ballot this November thanks to decades of work – led by Colorado Common Cause – to lay the groundwork for redistricting reform.

We fought back against attempts by political parties to use the redistricting process for political gain. In 2013, we led the fight against the “midnight-gerrymander” – when state lawmakers attempted to rush through maps creating Congressional districts to benefit the Republican party.

We drafted ballot language that served as a model for Amendments Y and Z. In 2014, we drafted and collected signatures on the Colorado Fair Redistricting Act – which would have created an independent commission to oversee the mapping of Congressional and legislative districts.

The people of the state of Colorado hereby find and declare that fair political representation requires that the practice of gerrymandering, whereby Congressional and Legislative districts are purposefully drawn to favor one political party over another, MUST END. -Statement of Purpose, 2004 Colorado Fair Redistricting Act

We brought together multiple organizations with different visions for redistricting reform. In 2018, two different groups introduced separate ballot initiatives to reform the redistricting process. We worked with these groups to draft new measures – now Amendments Y and Z – which combine some of the strongest aspects of the original proposals.

And we worked to get Amendments Y and Z onto the ballot this November. When these initiatives were presented to the Colorado legislature in the form of two bills, we lobbied at the Capitol for bipartisan support. And in a time of political partisanship, the bills passed both houses of the legislature – UNANIMOUSLY.

Now, it’s time for Coloradans to vote on Amendments Y and Z – and pass the redistricting reform we have been working on for so many years.

Pledge your support for Amendments Y and Z – and tell your networks about these important measures on the November ballot.


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