How to Submit Written Comment

The independent redistricting commissions have concluded public hearings but will continue to accept public comment on the maps.. Specifically, the commissions want to hear about communities of interest and how the maps can be improved to represent all communities most fairly. Anyone can submit written public comment to the commission via webform or by emailing

You can submit written comments on the Congressional Map up until September 28th and on State House and Senate Maps up until October 11th. You can submit as many comments as you want.

Before submitting your written comments:

  1. Examine the most recent version of the maps
  2. Lear more about how to analyze maps

What to include in your comment(s):

  1. Your name
  2. Who you represent – this could be yourself, your community, a specific organization, or a combination of these
  3. Where you live – you can say your neighborhood, region, or Zip Code
  4. Which maps are you commenting on? The state House, state Senate, Congressional, or all three
  5. Describe your community – what common interests does it share? What issues does it face? Where is it?
  6. What changes to the map you want and how that will better serve your community – what areas are you better aligned with? What areas are you not aligned with? Be specific.
  7. Optional: Include an alternate map with your changes:
    1. Use Dave’s Redistricting to create a map and submit it with your written comment
    2. Create a map using the Commissions’ online redistricting tool and submit it directly to them


Submitting your comments:

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