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Money & Influence 08.6.2018

Colorado Independent: Colorado’s deadline to turn in ballot measure petitions is today. Here’s what questions you might get to decide in November.

“We’ve worked really hard to establish meaningful contribution limits in order to make sure that Coloradans’ voices are heard in elections— not just the wealthy and special interests,” said Caroline Fry, outreach director for Colorado Common Cause. “We want to work to further improve our campaign finance system, not walk those limits back. It’s a large jump.”

Money & Influence 07.23.2018

Colorado Independent: Colorado campaign finance loophole allows dark money flyers

Colorado’s campaign finance law has a loophole that allows printed literature, mailers or other materials about candidates to be distributed without disclosing who paid for them if they don’t include what an elections division manager with the Secretary of State calls “magic words” such as “vote for” or “vote against.”

Money & Influence 07.16.2018

Colorado Independent: Radio ads urge voters not to sign ballot measure petitions in Colorado

One of our members recently alerted us to a fishy radio ad featuring an elected official urging voters to not sign ballot petitions. The Colorado Independent sums up what has been discovered about the ad - and where the funding is coming from - so far.

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