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Money & Influence 01.22.2019

Public News Service: Colorado Takes Steps to Limit Influence of Money in Politics

"Government should reflect the interests of the average Coloradans, not special interests, and that, of course, is the concern around the influence of money in politics and the effects that Citizens United had," said Amanda Gonzalez, Executive Director at Colorado Common Cause.

Money & Influence 11.15.2018

KOAA: The vote investment: money in the midterms

"Our bigger picture that we worry about is those special interests coming in and spending lots and lots of money. We want them [elected officials] to listen to their constituents and listen to the people that voted for them, or maybe didn’t vote for them"

Money & Influence 11.8.2018

KUNC: Election Night Wrap-Up

"Coloradans really don't like the idea of money corrupting their government," said Amanda Gonzalez, executive director of Colorado Common Cause, a group that opposed Amendment 75. "And that's exactly what this would have done."

Money & Influence 11.2.2018

Colorado Independent: Two approaches to getting big money out of politics

Measures like Denver’s Referred Question 2E are progress towards a more inclusive democracy that works for everyone, not just the wealthy and the well connected.

Money & Influence 08.15.2018

Denverite: Election candidates could take up to $750,000 of public money under new Denver proposal

“Programs like the one council is considering will strengthen a candidate’s ability to compete with the big money being spent by corporations and PACs while still being responsive to voters,” wrote Amanda Gonzalez, executive director of the voter engagement group Colorado Common Cause.

Money & Influence 08.15.2018

KUNC: Big Spending In Colorado Governor Race Has Some Wondering If Politics Belong To The Wealthy

Our outreach director Caroline Fry contributed to KUNC's story on money in Colorado's race for governor - noting the importance of public funding programs to counteract the influence of big money in elections.

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